How Experts Dig Up Shrubs: A 100 Word Guide

By Peter Jule and Calin Oancea

1 min read

Digging up shrubs is a simple process but you have to know the right technique to do it way easier. Here is a short and to the point guide for digging up shrubs:

  1. „Wear protective gloves and use gas hedge trimmers with eye protection to strip off all the foliage for clear visibility of the ground.

  2. Identify and break the main roots on one side of the shrub. A trenching shovel, which is narrower and easier to insert into the ground, along with a pickaxe for cutting big roots, are essential tools for this task.

  1. Cut a trench along one side to locate and sever the main feeder roots.

  1. After cutting all surface roots around the plant, use the trenching shovel to slide under the plant, making it loose.

  2. Continue the process around the plant, loosening the soil and cutting roots until the plant is free to remove.“ Advises Peter Jule from

This method involves precise and strategic cutting of roots, using the appropriate tools to effectively loosen and remove the shrub no matter whether tiny flowering shrubs or evergreens for full sun.